Changed the sprockets down to 13 49 and ordered her a v force 3 can wait to...

Changed the sprockets down to 13-49 and ordered her a v force 3 can wait to unleash her

  • That's the one

  • Adam MillAr can tell you haha

  • Even the later ones went to 2 big pedals instead of 4 little ones on each side.

  • So is it better or worse?? Adam MillAr

  • The 3 is junk

  • I have VF3 reeds with the 10mm spacer PC platnum pipe 13/45 gearing the thing is a fucking monster it did have 2stage byson reeds but like the VF3 reeds better

  • I'd slip a stock cage with TDR pedals in it or a VF2 setup and let us know how it works

  • Rad valve no good i gave mine away

  • I'd ahve slipped a pulse induction intake in behind it

  • Vforce 2

  • Why are guys gearing a 500 down , the big motor has so much torque but revs slower than the little motors ,so tall gearing makes it accelerate better usually.

  • I run 14-44 on mine it's a monster with a 14oz Steahly flywheel

  • Exactly what I was thinking...

  • I do a lot of woods riding so I don't need all that top end