Changed my spark plugs today Every time I take the tank off I m reminded of...

Changed my spark plugs today. Every time I take the tank off I'm reminded of what a sadistic bloke the designer was. Twist your fuel pump 180 degrees to get it out, although the pipe to the carbon will still piss fuel every where. Spark plugs have coolant pipes over them, so you can't get a socket wrench in, and the actual plug wrench in the tool kit goes in with about 50mm clearance. And they're set in an inaccessible recess designed it would seem only to collect dirt to fall in the engine. Don't even get me started on oil filters. Does anyone know who designed it?

  • I had a full service on my bike last week valve clearances , brakes, coolant etc , for the last 6 years all I,be done are 2 oil changes a year , oil & air filter once a year , same spark plugs last 6 years and 100% reliable , the service cost me an arm and a leg but I intend keeping it ,I,ve had it 9 years today and owned from new on a 08 plate , the few times I,ve removed the tank what a ba57@rt fuel all overt place

  • Just being nosey how much did it cost for it being done with valve clearances ect?

  • I had a lot done , new head gasket , front brake seals , rear cush rubber , valves , rear wheel bearing , oil, filers , coolant , choke cable £400 + notes , scarey

  • Yes ......i changed my bikes 3 days ago.....

  • Not to bad to be fair with that list of work! Should be good for a long time now though.

  • Wants to be Luke , I knew it was going to be costly but I,ve bought bikes for less

  • That's why I leave it to Barrie at Baz Bikes Treorchy do it. He's the only person that had ever put a spanner near it since new in 2003!

    Last year it had the Full Monty including a carb balance and coolant change. You need the tank lifted to get at the coolant so best to do it at the same time.

  • Haha my er5 cost less than that but still if you haven't spent much on it since getting it that's not a lot of you devide it by how many years you've owned it.

  • I tried to convince myself that

  • akward yes but by no means the worst out of all the bikes out there i have a mate that would always put his Busa into a dealer for serviceing as it takes so long to take off so much and yet he will rebuild his RD350 LC anyday so the ER5 is not so bad

  • I replaced my plugs with the tank on and took me 10 min using the plug socket from the tool kit ???

  • I will try it next time

  • Ahh ER servicing like doing a rubix cube with all the stickers removed in a dark cupboard wearing a blind fold made of an angry cat while some one pours cold petrol down both sleeves

  • I can't lift the tank up far enough unless I disconnect the fuel tap. And the coolant pipes run directly over the plugs. So maybe yours was rerouted or something Neil.

  • Did the valves on my er as part of a full service when I got it, the rocker cover is about 1MM smaller than the frame rails. So it takes about 20 mins to take it off. Everything else seems ok once the tanks off. Rebuilt carbs, balanced etc all easy to get at. The tank is as you say a design error! I also moved the engine breather pipe to the top of the airbox .as how it comes if you have a vacuum problem fuel will go down into the engine via the breather pipe! Could not believe it when

  • Don't know Ben, all I can tell you is after owning the bike for 4 years I decided to replace the plugs and it was so simple, the plug socket in the tool kit just fitted under the tank but wasn't difficult, i would like to think I am just skilled but more like you are correct and something in the past has been done to it lol. after saying that though I bought the bike off a guy that kept it in a garage and only rode once a year for its MOT, it only had 2,000 miles on it not bad for a 2003 bike

  • fit some in line quick release connectors in the fuel line (one's that close when u disconnect), saves a lt of hassle the next time. What's your issue with the oil filter. piece of piss to change those usually.

  • The fact it's millimetres away from downpipes that will still be hot from you heating the oil up, and that there isn't enough room to get a strap type wrench in there. And it gets stuck on with road crud. I use plumbers grips to get mine off. I love my er, but it is a pig to work on.

  • lol use the proper's just a big socket that goes over the top

  • couldn't be easier using these

  • Got my plumbers grips now, one size fits all lol. I didn't have much choice, as id already drained the oil. So I couldn't wait for a new socket to arrive. And is there enough clearance on the down pipes?

  • And trust me, the plumbers grips are easy! My fave new toy lol.

  • yeh plenty of room, well on mine anyway - yeh those pump grips are great, very versatile and alsorts of uses

  • Well, guess I'll save myself £5 on the socket and stick with the grips now I have them. :)

  • another method is to drill a hole in the side and stick a screwdriver or similar in to make a handle to turn it. I used those grips to press the plate bit over the pins when I was joining up a new chain, the long handles give you plenty of squeezing power

  • Yeah, I just don't like using the screw driver method because you end up with oil every where. A last resort in my opinion. Yeah, my grips open to 20cm. A must for any toolbox.

  • yeh a bodge for emergencies...the main advantage of the filter wrench socket is it's much easier putting the new filter in, put the extension bar and turn that..once hand tight it's easy to get the quarter turn nip up and you don't risk damaging it