Changed it up

Changed it up

  • Fender eliminator and removed decals. Don't worry I will have the Mohawk!

  • The point of the Mohawk is it draws attention and if its drawing attention the less likely I am to be hit by someone...

  • Talks about wearing a stupid broom on her head for attention....removes the bright colored stripes on her bike for looks...

  • Sorry but a neon bright pink reflective Mohawk on my head is a lot more noticeable then the non reflective stripes on the side of a bike. You would be surprised by the amount of looks/laughs I get.

  • Besides the fact that its my style and I like it. If you don't then ✌ find something else to look at.

  • retro reflective stuff will help people see you too

  • The mohawk fibers are reflective? Lol I ordered some high-reflection green decals for my black helmet, both matches the bike and at night time will make my head light up like a christmas tree

  • Is this a 250? The original tail light piece looks weird... and your new one looks similar to my 300's stock

  • Yeah it's a 2012 250

  • I hated the original stock piece. I thought it was awful looking.