Certificate Of Entitlement COE singapore U may Google to find out more info...


Certificate Of Entitlement (COE) singapore. U may Google to find out more info what it is.

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  • Boleh mati siak gini machiam nye price

  • Bkn mati lagi comfirm mmg nak matikan rakyat. Just a piece of paper for 10yrs valid.

  • Gahmen uuuurrrrrpppppp je...

  • OMG!! I had heard about this... Crazy!!

  • For those that don't know, in Singapore you need to have a license to "allow you" to own a vehicle!! (Correct me if I'm wrong...)

  • Yup for bike 200cc n below is cat 2b. 400 cc n below is cat 2a. Above 400cc cat 2. so if u intend to ride a bike u need to start getting license start from 2b.