Cardell Bouie Jr shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Ninja® ZX-14.


Hideous headlights?! I'm offended those headlights say big dawg is on your ass!!!

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  • At least they aren't busa headlights, those are ugly. Zx14 is wayyy better looking

  • Agree with that comment

  • Yup... there's a something sinister about those lights... better than the cyclops busa

  • Bad ass from the front to the back

  • Even the stock mirrors are sexier on the 14 LMAO

  • Ok gen 1 headlights eeehhhh. But 2012 up those are bad ass and all they had to do was change the plastics. Love my zx14 graphics and headlights. They got one thing right comfortable as hell!

  • Replace the seat (I put a Corbin on) and it's ok for a couple hours. Not exactly a touring bike though.