Cany anyone point me at the following for my ZZR1100 c3


Cany anyone point me at the following for my ZZR1100 c3:

- oil pressure sensor

- fuel lamp relays (that live at the back left of the frame

They seem impossible to find online new. And even harder to find second hand...

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  • Sorry bud, I think you misunderstood. I need some replacements, think mine are U/S

  • Look on ebay?

  • Ebay mon

  • I'll have a look I think I have a spare oil sw ..

  • This flasher relay

  • Unfortunately, both in the states... :(

  • Take the grommet of oil sensor and try replacing the tiny screw which holds th wire on.somtimes it rusts up coz of all the crud that gets sprayed under there.It worked for me twice... also it stopped the fuel lights flashing along with oil lights on tickover . If it fails I belive oil preasure sender is the same on a lot of Kwaks. I seem to remember same as zxr400. ☺

  • The light relay might be fixable, take the cover off and you may find the contacts have just fused. Its an easy fix i reckon. The oil pressure switch can be found in this link at 7-3 e_93_01-converted.pdf However , very strange for you to have a problem with the relay and oil pressure ? My money would be on an electrical fault as they run off the same start up circuit.

  • Unfortunately the small three pin relay (pictured) is sealed in with what looks like potting compound... :(

  • Was doing some electrical work yesterday, and seems I may have shorted something :( so now neither the fuel or oil lights come on when the engine isn't running.