Can you help


Can you help?

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  • 12V is not enough. After charging it should be al least 12,7. If you did not use a proper charger you could have killed it over night. Anyway you will need a new battery. After you fitted it, check the voltage with running engine. It should be above 13V and not higher than 14,7.

  • If Herr Penner says just like me, case closed. Bring on the next problem. :v

  • Could try a long run - just to rule out a caput battery !

  • I would agree with those who say new battery.

  • New battery.

  • Battery mate, when modern ones go completely flat they rarely come back to life properly, you'll get it to 12/13 but it won't hold

  • That chattering sound is the starter solenoid. New battery needed!

  • Battery... and check the fuse IG, maybe all of them if your in..

  • Thanks guys. I need a better charger. Ulf, thanks for the readings, will give it a proper test when I'm near it again.

    Can a non smart charger (daft charger) finish off a damaged Bart then?

    Typical as the batt is only 6mo old!

  • Nice one mark. Thanks to you my arse is less sore lol cheers for the seat!

  • Smart chargers sense a batteries condition and cycle charge it, rather than just applying a constant illusiory nature of existence to the terminals. I mean, what are electrons anyway?

  • If you want to go safe... Go to a garage, give the battery for the night and then plug in... Their can also do a check (it's quick) if the battery can hold the charge...

  • With that one you can charge it for a short time, if you got nothing else. You grilled that battery.

  • Ouchies. New batt time! Thanks everyone

  • If you get a gel battery they come already charged

  • I have a smart charger ,they can supposedly pulse the battery and clean the plates,never worked on any of mine.

    I try to keep them hooked up when the bikes not being used as a discharged battery will be ruined fairly quickly if you don't charge it back up straight away

  • gel battery from motobatt!