Can t wait to try out the new cree headlight

Can't wait to try out the new cree headlight!

  • I'd like to know if it makes a positive difference to usual light.

    Have you got the big 04 headlamp on your 2000?

  • Holy crap it's bright! The low beam stays on with the high beam too but the low beam dims slightly...I'll have to wait to try it out in the dark and may have to adjust the aim of the headlight. We'll see

  • Please keep us updated on the light. I have tried a couple but the beam placements were off

  • Just got back from a little ride. Light is very bright up close but wish it had just a little more distance but it's not bad...I did aim it down a little bit

  • Where did you get it? I need one too

  • China lol on amazon

  • Road signs are so bright now