• Can my fellow V2K buddies help me out Ride Wright is starting the build on the...

    Can my fellow V2K buddies help me out. Ride Wright is starting the build on the rear wheel for my bike. Sam uses a 70 tooth rear drive pulley and 1.5" belt. The belt is a little larger than 1.5, with a matching pulley. My question is should I leave the front pulley stock or should I change? If I don't change will affect the bike much?

    • I found a good deal from a dealer in SC. Performance Powersports LLC. They had them in stock and shipping was fast. Cost was under $230 about a year ago. Best mod I've ever done to the Beast ; -)

    • Thanks!! So what setup did you use?

    • I belive Shane Medlin changed out his pulley to match his custom wheels. Might want to hit him up.

    • 70 tooth rear from stock 72 is my choice ..

    • Bare... I have no choice that is all that they make with a belt that's slightly larger than 1.5"

    • In reference to my pulley, it's a matching set with the wheels, from RC components. It's the same tooth count as stock. (I do have a +1 tooth on front pulley)

    • Bare, will the slightly larger than 1.5" wide belt work with stock front pulley?

    • Yes stock is 1 5/8