Can I use 15 40 part synthetic oil I m stuck

Can I use 15 40 part synthetic oil I'm stuck?

  • No no no oil has friction inhibitors in it ie lots if detergents that motorcycle oil doesn't have put car oil in will hurt clutch trust me.

  • If local to leeds I'll top up for u.

  • Nearest Halford for oil pal or fuel station must be 10.40 motorcycle oil.

  • cheap car oil yes. additives no.

    I used 20w50 for classic motors in mine

  • Looking to go to 15w 40 as using a little

  • I would try find cause of oil consumption. 15 maybe little thick and cause drag on cold starts but saying that I haven't used 15 grade just from my experiences

  • Yes it will be fine

  • I've had it from 12500 miles now 51000 miles. It's always used a little but no smoke or dripping except for oil feed a few month ago

  • Mine at 90000 miles and doesn't use much at all a cap full every 1200 miles .still smooth and fast

  • Some do some don't, usual story.