Can exhausts be powder coated


Can exhausts be powder coated?

I know once it's sprayed it goes into an oven but would the coating withstand the heat of an exhaust?

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  • ive been quoted $100usd for headers here in the states, the silencers probably $100 more.

  • Im in Bonnie Scotland, Brandon. I wonder what the quality of the finish on the stock 800 pipes is like, is it just paint that'll flake off within a year.

  • Kawasaki has very good quality as we all know, I think its a ceramic coat, the W hasnt been available in the US since 2001, but if you have access to new ones in your country id dig around ebay or with dealers to see if they have any take offs from people swapping pipes.

  • Zircotec coating

  • definitely shop around for coaters, but that probably goes without saying.

  • Interesting. I had the engine covers powder coated about a year ago and they have held up perfectly with no failure at all.

  • Thanks for all your input Brandon you seem to know your onions

  • Ceramic coating yes, plastic not.

  • 5 years ago I had some headers sandblasted and ceramic coated . And just this summer I noticed some small bubbles starting to form.

  • It was a single coat and it costed les then 50€.

  • Just ask the coater when he has a big batch to do of your color and see if he can thow yours in there as well. So you don't pay for the setup.