Can anyone tell me where this lead goes


Can anyone tell me where this lead goes?

Comes from the starter motor. If I earth it, nothing happens when I try and turn the bike over, if I tap it on the positive side of the battery the starter motor turns over (without pressing the start button). To me it looks like an earth.

Bike is almost done, just trying to sort out the electrics.

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  • It should go to one side of the starter solenoid and the other cable the other side of the solenoid should go to the + battery terminal.

  • Awesome just tried it and worked. Thank you, now just got sort out other little stuff

  • ^^ beat me to it, if you need any other help or pictures i have mine sitting in the shed partly disassembled so should be able to get you info fast.

  • Sweet as will do, Im having a fuel pump issue I think, but I'll get back to you soon, just having a break from the bike

  • Yeah i hear ya. What issue you having? I've recently picked up my bike, finally sussed out all the issues now just have to clean carbs and it should be good to go.

  • All sport bikes iv owned, the fuel pump starts when you turn the key, for some reason the fuel pump is only coming on while I turned it over. I'm not sure if it stays on when the bike starts or not

  • Nah thats correct function, they will only opperate when turning over and then will kick in and out as motor is running when required.

  • ah sweet as, just seemed odd to me, well, hopefully it will fire up tonight,Thank you kindly

  • Hopefully so. They are a great bike.

  • Yeah it's my dad's, iv only rode it a few times, but I blew it up exactly 1 year ago today on the way home from work. We bought a new engine for it a few months ago and just started working on it maybe a month ago.

  • Sounded that way.

  • Ah thats unlucky, these motors are normally pretty bullet proof. What year is it? Pays to fill the oil up to about 3/4 of the sight glass. The earlier models have issues with oil starvation if you push them for extended periods.

  • in the air box !

  • from starter to starter soilidoid to battery.