Can anyone tell me the correct procedure for checking the oil on my 06 please


Can anyone tell me the correct procedure for checking the oil on my 06 please?

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  • Yep,learned the hard way!

  • oil pressure control helps, among other mechanical problems, to know if there is little oil. oil pression standard for zzr1400'06-09: 245 –343 kPa (2,5 –3,5 kgf/cm²; 35-49 PSI) @ 4.000 r/min (rpm), oil temperature 90°C. In my case, 36 PSI-4500 RPM-100ºC

  • If i understand u right u saying as long as the oilpreshure are ok,u are in the safe sone?. I don't belive so. It is just a q.of seconds if ur oilopickupp sucks in air and then ur in deep shit. Be shure ur kwaks are on the top oil mark,or a bit over. My big question gos to kawasaki construktion ingineering why they hawent solv this issu.? :))

  • By the time the oil pressure light comes on the engine is already toast

  • There is a Zed on ebay, a gen 2 with a blown engine with 21,000 miles on the clock. It is only two months out of warranty and Kawasaki won't pay to fix it. 63 plate, £2750 if aanyone is interested.

  • Then add the 5k for all the engine and other bits it not that much of a bargain Lee England have been looking at

  • I know mate. There is one for sale that has the same mileage for just over seven grand.

  • Dave Craddock.. Tor Amdal.. that isn't so, and I say this because it happened me.. the light came on, but did not affect the engine.. i only had the pressure light.. and read me well.. I don't trust of the pilot light, only my pressure control .. and it works because I used it on a journey of 15,000 km.. filling oil when the oil control noticed me.. But don't make this, without the presence of an adult ;-)

  • Tick tock tick tock tick tock.....