Can anyone tell me or maybe someone has done it can I put a 180 70r16 tire on...


Can anyone tell me or maybe someone has done it, can I put a 180/70r16 tire on my vn2000 rear wheel?

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  • I'm in western Nebraska, and I doubt you live anywhere near me

  • Love Western Nebraska. No, I don't, Nate. I live in Eastern Iowa. :)

  • hell guys you're like neighbors

  • I believe the 180/70 will be about a half inch taller than the stock 200/60.

  • You're right, Michael, but it's only about a 1/4 inch, or 6 mm difference. I'd forgotten that I went from a 225/60-16 to a 185/60-16 car tire only because that's all I had at the time. Would love to put a car tire on the front but they don't make a 160 series in a 16". Get tired of only getting one season of riding on a front tire. :/

  • Dave Calhoun, you can get a "rear" tire in the same size as your front tire and mount it up front. It has thicker tread and will last longer.

  • Try these guys for a better priced front tire, I use a turing tire and last me twice as long


  • Michael, I did that once. I still only get a season of riding out of it. Being on the front with a sidecar tears the shit out of the center of the front tires. I use a car tire on the back and usually get three seasons out of it.

  • Thanks Nate. I'll look into it.