Can anyone tell me if they did a full power version on a ZZR1100 D7 I have a...

Can anyone tell me if they did a 'full power' version on a ZZR1100 D7. I have a C1 and a C2 which both produce 147 bhp.

Someone is advertising a FPV but could not answer any questions to any differences.

Thanks in advance.

Also does anyone know if they do hard panniers and the necessary brackets/carriers for a C1? Or indeed does anyone have any for sale?

Once a year I do a big tour around the UK and although I have soft luggage I prefer proper panniers.

  • Cheers Roger.

  • 93 to 95 were restricted. After 95 full power

  • Cheers Darren.

  • and the D is faster because:---- (i will let others fill it in )

  • The d is also far better looking too.. I'm just saying

  • Faster because the internet lies

  • I have a 94 zzr I've had it up to 170mph that surely isn't restricted right?

  • I like them all. My first ZZR was a C so have a soft spot for them. However I do like the D7 I am looking at. Never been over 150 and that was quick enough for me :-) I believe an unrestricted ZZR 1100 is good for 178 but doing that on a 25/6 year old bike is possibly not too advisable!!! Unless someone tells me otherwise ;-)

  • My first C

  • And changed the colours

  • I do like the Blue over Black. I dropped mine a while ago on someone's very steep gravel drive and damaged the left hand side of the fairing and slightly scratched the original exhaust. Waiting to get it back within the next week or so minus the ZZR 1100 decals which I can't source right now. :-(

  • Hush man you'll give yrself a complex lol

  • there is a givi rack available. there was a Dutch breakers website that sold the carriers quite cheap. Full power version generally refers to upgrading the carb tops to flats

  • On a closed road?

  • I have a D7 and have had 85mph out of it, does that mean mine will be a full power model

  • I have no idea of what error margin I have on my speedo. But I went flat out last summer and passed 320 km/h. I'm gonna give it a new try sometime this summer with the gps and try to get the correct top speed. I'm hoping she'll do 300 km/h ☺

    I've been in the neighborhood of 290 km/h on the speedo this year, and getting up to that speed is pretty easy. But taking it from there to flat out is a different story.

  • I thought the top speed was 178mph. 290kmh = 181 mph+. I have never done in excess of 150mph (on a track of course) as I get a little nervous doing more than that on a 26 yr old bike. :-P

  • Must be...

  • I guess there's a few different reasons why mine couldn't do more than 170 that 8mph could have been any number of slightly less maintained things on my bike

  • Can't believe they just broke the lap record at the TT on the Tyco BMW. Basically a 'stock' bike. Incredible. Are we allowed to mention other makes here!!!!!

  • You were speeding. Naughty boy

  • I have a D7 and I can't go above 70 lol

  • Change to second gear lol

  • Aaaah that's where I'm going wrong you mean it's not a twist and go lol

  • Could use it as one lol

  • What should I do with the other gears then save them for best

  • Always good to have spares

  • Lol

  • The D7 zzr1100 only goes to 150 bhp

  • Heres the link to racks and top boxs and side boxs for zzr1100 c1 oduct/Kawasaki/ZZR-1100-ZX-110 0-C1

  • Cheers :-)

  • Anytime if you need anything let me know and i see if i can find it for you

  • Nice one Roy. :-)