Can anybody tell me how a power commander actually works I know it controls...


Can anybody tell me how a power commander actually works? I know it controls the fuel curve, but how? Does it change the injector duty cycle? Or supply more voltage to the pump to increase pressure? Or something else entirely?

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  • By "listening" to the injector signal, the fuel processor internal processor determines how fast the engine is turning and how long the injectors are open -- they are normally closed and spray fuel into the inlet tract only when switched on. Depending on how the fuel processor is configured, it can hold these injectors on for longer than the standard computer is programmed to allow, which makes the mixture richer. (from

    It's the electronic version of jetting your carbs. And you only need this if you mess around with the air intake and the exhaust to a point that the OEM ECU can't handle it anymore.

  • Ok. So it just extends the duty cycle of the injectors. Is there any way to increase the line pressure on these bikes?

  • ^^^That there is why I asked my question. That is a long drawn out way of saying "it changes your computer's settings." I looked all around and that is basically all that is said about them. I was asking what it actually changed on the bike. All that can be changed is how long/when the injectors fire and fuel pressure. I was wondering which one it did

  • My opinion only Power Commander is a piece of uncontrollable software shit..

  • Daniel, if you haven't bought anything yet, go with Dobek Electronic Jet Kit...completely programable...will come with settings for the amount of modifications you have or haven't done...if you order one, you will receive a call from factory before shipping to confirm fuel for how they work...they just hold the selinoid on the injector open a nano second longer to shoot in a smiggen more fuel....and fuel injection systems need around 65 psi to operate correctly anyways

  • this is the Dobeck product I am using....seems a little different than your post Bare Carr