Cameron Highlands Malaysia

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

  • Yes. It does a brilliant job (too good in fact). Not much fun for short weekend rides (I'm too comfortable haha) but fantastic for those long distance tours when the constant wind can be harsh.

  • Cheers will have to invest in one fancy a tour from the UK to the swiss alps in 2013 :-)

  • Post pics here! :)

  • Will do be a few months in the planning stages yet then hopefully ........

  • Wow, nice view!

  • Thanks, bro!

  • That Givi screen. Do they do different sizes? if so whats the one on yours. I need to get one as the standard screen is not great for me as im 6' 1"

  • Aaron Mitchell only 1 size

  • I'm 6'3" and use the givi windshield, I like because it takes 60% of the wind. The other 40% will hit you in the face, you have to get down a little to get full protection from the wind. But I believe if you get a taller windshield it will look awkward!

  • Thankyou very much for your advice guys. Much appreciated. I think thats what im going to buy. I need to get something and the givi seems to be coming out top.