Called my Kawasaki dealer today about my 20hr oil change on my 2015 t4 and they...


Called my Kawasaki dealer today about my 20hr oil change on my 2015 t4 and they can't get to me until the 26th of this month. Seems kinda weird and they said it will take 3hrs to do so I was wondering what brand oil and filter everybody is using cuz I guess I'm going to change it my self

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  • Wow, you need a new dealer!!!!

  • You think, lol? Only game in town. Best sales prices in the area...but they fuck you on service. Seriously.

  • You need a pregnancy test after that. Sorry to see they hosed you man.

  • That's horrible, man may be worth the drive to use someone else if you have any warranty issues, doesn't sound they will treat fair on that either

  • They do more than fluids on the break-in service. If you're going to do it yourself, do ALL of it yourself, not just the fluids.

  • My dealer told me all they did was fluids

  • Check the manual.

  • I had the dealer do the first at $350.00 & I just did the second oil change at 50 hrs. using Kawi oil and filter. I have never trusted a dealer to do everything they're supposed to. Asked them to straighten steering wheel cause it was bolted on crooked but they didn't do it. Go figure. So I did it.

  • I just did my 20 hr break in. I got kawasaki brand oils and filter from dealer and done it myself.

  • You must ask yourself, if a mechanic were really good at what they do, would they be working at an ATV dealership? There may be a few exceptions, but for the most part, I wouldn't let them touch anything I own. You're lucky if the thing even gets assembled correctly to begin with!

  • Kawi Filter, Rotella T6, done and done.

  • Fluids is the main thing. As far as air filter you should clean it way more often.

    I use the kawi stuff and hang on to receipts for warranty reasons but as long as you use jaso rated engine oil you are fine. As mentioned, gear oil in the front diff, wet brake in rear diff