Bugger I haven t ridden my 1100 c at all over the winter and she wouldn t run...


Bugger! I haven't ridden my 1100 c at all over the winter, and she wouldn't run properly, started fine, but wouldn't take any load and stalled. So i cleaned the carbs and found the slides had stuck! Cleaned all the carbs out and fuel filter etc. But ive still got the same problem! She starts fine, idles fine, but put her into gear, she stalls. Not as in immediately, like a clutch or side stand or electrical fault. Just as in a loss of power way . I was thinking of a sticky clutch maybe? Anyone got an ideas ? :(

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  • What colour is your spark plug?

  • Need to check them.

  • Try all of the easy shit first but IMO you'll be back in those carbs. If the slides were stuck due to degraded fuel that would ring alarm bells for me. ZZR carbs are renowned for giving trouble (i know from experience!) :'(

  • must be luckey never had an issue with my carbs in 25 years , but I also have dynajet 140 kit fitted ( if memory serves me right - it was about 17 years ago LOL) :)

  • Me too, i had dynojet fitted in 93 :D

  • ARE YOU ME ???

  • How is the ZED doing? Problem allready solved?

  • Not yet Ad I will have another go this weekend ! :)

  • If you cant find it there must be a glitch in the matrix have you seen the same black cat twice recently

  • Id be happy about that Muffy, as that would be easier to find! lol