• Bugger


    • Ouch

    • Wont bother to split the crankcase yet as wont have the funds for a while.

    • 3rd/4th on input and 3rd i think on output

    • On a plus note i sat on a fazer 600 the other day and boy was it comfortable at least you've got another bike

    • True. My commuting bike come next week. Had fun on the fazer tbh. Zzr will be long term project.

    • P.s i seam to have a clicking/knocking noise at certain speeds nd feels like its slipping i hope im not having the same problems as you atm otherwise im buggered

    • Hard to tell tbh, if its making a sound on tickover and difficulty in ebgaging gears then yeah. Gearboxes r made of toffee , so far about £400 minimum, but engine is good so not swapping the motor for one i dont know.

    • Ouch it dont do it on tick over

    • Could be ok. Just be careful with gearbox

    • Im being very very careful atm deffo thinking bout getting a faser though as a winter bike

    • Mine before i shut it off.

    • Yeah, mine culd do with cosmetics but has enough oomph for Me and (hard to say, more comfier for me, lower back injury in forces

      ) so the zzr is a project as not in a. Hurry tbh. Be nice to have her up n running tho.

    • You may find an engine cheaper tbh

    • I have looked but.. Nothing

    • Bad news. 3rd gear output is no longer available.