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Hey Versys lovers, can I ask a question. I bought a usb charger for my 2016 Versys, there is wiring in place but it needs a relay, WHY does it need a relay and has anyone fitted one with out a relay?

Here is a video on youtube.

Your opinion would be very appreciated.

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  • I'd go with the relay, having it is much easier, the accessory points are protected by a 5A fuse and all you need to do is to connect the fog lights,usb charger to the pre wired connectors.Throw in a voltmeter to the grip heater connector if you are not planning on using one.Do not load anything more than 40Watts at any one time and you should be ok

  • Actually after watching few of the YouTube on this USB port, I notice the USB cabling are connected directly to the power socket port, so if we don't plug in the relay to the other plug or port, does the USB work? Does this one relay are meant for all other power port like spotlight and heater grip?

  • Thanks for that, do you have a volt metre in mind? I already fitted an after market gear indicator.

  • Now you see why I had doubt

  • Im still waiting my USB port to arrive, I though I got to wire the port to a fuse then to the relay before connection to the port, but now this already come with a port for a relay.

  • Plug and play

  • Haven't manage to get a relay?

  • Supposedly OEM only

  • You have a choice of a numerical meter which can be easily purchased off eBay. Couple of dollars. OR if you prefer an LED indicator,you can try the ones from Sparkbright based in the UK. ors.php They change colours and have different flashing intervals to indicate if something has gone bad. What did you get for your gear indicator.Are they PNP to the prewired socket?

  • Hey Andrian, I read from owner manual that it mention not more then 40watt as well but do you know 40watt as in whole bike or the few accessories port sum up not more then 40watt?

  • It's an Omron relay. I didn't bother searching it from the local electronic stores and just went to kawasaki to get one. The relay as described on Kawasaki's website says it's a required component for the accessory connectors of the gear indicator,fog lamp,grip heater and 12v socket to work.

  • Adrian Ngiam Thank you, I have already been looking at these, Where would you wire this up to? Battery direct or piggyback onto usb charger?

  • Thank you.

  • Brett Wybrew I'm going to use the pre wired grip heater sockets. I've had some concerns on where to wire these for fear of inaccurate values but if you have faulty coil or battery,I guess the drop is going to show on the sockets as well.

  • This work s a treat, It is plug and play but plugs under the seat

  • Jason Chan my understanding from the manual is that no more than 40W any one time (total from all accessories ).

  • Hope this not including original head light, as I got myself a pair of new spotlight which are 20watt each, still waiting for it to arrive.

  • I am going to install mine without relay. Fuse only.. :-)

  • Directly to the battery? Is that so you can charge gopro or phone whilst having a break?

  • Direkt to batteri. It will be possible to charge any time.

  • Yes, that is what I was thinking to do

  • My gps will get power the same way as usb is only 5v and hardly any amp.

  • The relay is cheap and takes 10 seconds to install, literally. Just get it

  • I'd be interested to know from those who don't install the relay of how often they blow fuses or witness electronic accessory failure i.e gps, phone. Regulator/rectifiers are pretty good these days but stators have fantastic output! Would be a good test to see how the electrical system holds up and for how long.

  • I have never had any issues with GPS on my old ZX7R. The Versys is a many year newer bike so I think it will be OK. But 100% handwarmer, GPS and usb outlet together is alot os amps.

  • Get the relay. Relatively cheap, easy to install.

  • One relay is used for the accessories circuit so than all accessories are switched off with the key. There is wiring for up to 4 accessories and they are protected by a 5 amp fuse. Personally, I recommend using the relay.

  • I understand how using the the relay and 5 amp fuse is there to protect against battery drain whilst not running the motorbike, but I am looking at running a small led reading lamp to set up camp or top up battery on action camera whilst having lunch on a day ride. I can still put a inline fuse.

  • about considering a 20K powerbank capable of providing a 2A output? Charge rates are quicker.

  • I used a portable 10kmAh powerbank to power up an LED light to get around during camp and had my phone charged.Was a 2D1N trip and still had some juice left in the powerbank when I got home.

  • I have more understanding on the whole power circuit thing now. There are 4 extra power socket for our accessories which come with the bike(2015 model) you doesn't need to put each accessories with a fuse and a relay and you end up a bunch of relay and fuses around your bike when tap direct from the battery and not to mention you need to tap into the key switch to turn off when the key are off. So for 2015 model, you just need to install 1 relay for all the 4 accessories port and the port default off when the key switch off.

  • Not true re: Gen 2. The factory relay kit for 2013 gives you 2 hot outs. No need to tap the battery, it's plug and play. I can't speak for any other years, but I installed this on my 2013. Using it for a power outlet, and will eventually hook up heated grips when I get ambitious.

  • Sorry my bad, was told before 2015 there was non, thanks for the correction

  • No problem! I like that the new one powers 4.

  • Thanks Jason