Brand new Pirelli Scorpions tires


Brand new Pirelli Scorpions tires !!!

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  • Be sure to let us know how you find them handling and wear wise. They look the business.

  • Scorpion or Scorpion Trail ? Original sizes 130 rear and 100 front ?

  • Nice looking tire, would also like to hear about handling. Put Avon Road Riders on mine and have been pleased with the handling.

  • Front = Pirelli MT60 100/90-19 TL 57H M/C

  • Rear = Pirelli SCORPION MT90 A/T 140/80-18 TT 70S M/C

  • The experience is not bad for the moment, they are a little bit more noisy than the Dunlop K81, great stability and quick response...have to wait to try them under the rain now

  • Any particular reason you went for the fat rear tyre Rui? I've always fitted 120/90's

  • Standard is 130/80, I run 150/70 ;) Just looks better without affecting handling.. I wouldn't go narrower than the original mount...