Bp Motowerx shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Ninja Riders.

http://phoenix.craigslist.org/ nph/mcy/4982662680.html

another add to me "ads of shame"

I hope no one falls for this sell. biggest way to say its full of shit. is "cams" I doubt he pent what custom grinds cost without an engine build, and the kawi race cams have been non existent for quite some time. lol.

  • oh and "larger throttle bodies? lmao. the zx6r zx10r and 1st gen zx14 run the same bore throttle bodies.

  • Whats up with the rear wheel being painted half white?

  • that was a thing for a lil bit with th local stunters. not sure why he did.

  • so what set off your BS alarm

  • i troll craigslist for deals. whether to flip or keep. and im a lil bit of an 07 08 zx6r expert after the dealings of my turbo build. cams are impossible to find. nearing 1000 for decent custom grinds by someone that knows what theyre doing. and the fuel system on the 6 10 14 are the same. but the 6 is big enough to run e85 with a good tune.

  • What's a good price for this condition