• Bought Wednesday afternoon woke up this morning to ups knocking on my door

    Bought Wednesday afternoon, woke up this morning to ups knocking on my door. Talk about FAST shipping. ..Thanks bikebandit.com. Cheapest price as well

    • I ordered my risers from them. Good experience with them.

    • Just fitted the same to mine this afternoon.

    • That rear Cobra looks like a beast on the front!

    • Ordered my Cobras today!

    • So what advantage does the rear tire mounted to the front give you when riding dark side on back?

    • Actually mine was a front tyre. (I didn't see the rear bit on the label!)

      To match the 240 in the back.

    • Got quite a bit more tread depth

    • Justin Richard Kluewer , you reverse the rotation as well right?

    • Yes you have too

    • I thought about doing double dark but we will see how this tire wears. The Dunlop tires on it wore horribly.

    • Don't think I'd run double dark.....

    • Best tires i ever had on my beast!

    • Correct

    • How many km do you get on the front with rear tire? I'm getting 18000 on regular front tire

    • Haven't wore through one yet

    • How much on this one pictured?

    • Only about 5000 miles so far

    • That's good, loads of thread left there yet

    • Ya I'll be good for a while lol

    • I certainly wouldn't have been the first to do it, then again a lot of ppl say no way to a car tire on a bike. That is until they try it and turn they will never go back. I know I won't be

    • Steve Miller I did 3000 on the car tire and although the riding was a small adjustment, I love it and would not go back either. The front on the other hand, I'm gonna pass and I not gonna entertain that idea ...

    • Gooooood. ...

    • Rides the same but have 3 or 4 more millimeters of tread on the tire