Bodywork back from the painter

Bodywork back from the painter

  • Thanks for it a d model?

  • Just wanted to ask, how much did the painter charge for all the work doing ?

  • It was 350 not bad . But he did take a long time

  • Ok cheers mate, gives me a little more idea for mine

  • Whe I get back next week I have a guy who is going to put the zzr on the side panels and the 1100 on the tail sides for £30 and that's fitted

  • Is that the chrome badges ?

  • No I have the chrome badges for the tank I will put them on myself. It's 30 for the decals

  • Can I ask where you got the badges from, can't seem to find them anywhere to buy

  • The bsdges were on it when I bought the bike the painter took them off . I have to put them back on

  • Am liking that idea