Blonde moment


Blonde moment.

Open to suggestions, bought a satnav/usb socket that runs off the battery, lovely.

Only it fits to the handle bars.

Just realised i havnt got any handle bars doh!.

Do they do handle bar rails?

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  • Simple ram mount replacing one of the handlebar bolts cheaper than headstock version

  • Ok, tuning in now and I have a double one of these (one cig lighter and one USB) wired in and lives in my very small tool compartment. Yes the tools have to re-locate to the top-box but that's not a bad trade-off.

  • Where's that from Paul?

  • Ultimate add ons they come with 3 different length bults think it was size m10 or m8 but will double check I had to buy a longer bolt of eBay as I have bar risers fitted .

  • Bolts ... fat fingers lol

  • Just checked it was an m8 handlebar ram mount think it was about £20

  • I made my own mount that consist of a long rod down through headstock spindle with mount plate welded in a ideal position. This system works very well a I had the same setup on my Hayabusa for 61/2 years.

  • U had a busa for 61 years! Wow