Black side panels kx 500 and 250

Black side panels kx 500 and 250

  • 5 sets

  • How much shipped to 52302?

  • Need a couple white

  • White ones are still available original

  • Yes I Know, 90 euro for one

  • Wonder if they fit a 86.

  • No they dont fitt

  • Do you have any 85/86 side panels?

  • They have those slots cut into them.

  • I also have a set of black side Panals. They are in excellent condition, think they are Maier.

  • Anyone have black radiator guards?

  • Not found yet , i have white ones

  • I meant the plastics that go outside the radiator, not the fins/louvers

  • Ohw

  • I might have a set of black radiator guards.

    I will check.

  • Jonathon Bell anything?

  • I checked last night and remembered that I already sold the rad covers. Shame really as they were almost new. Would have made a good set Inc number plates. ( I sold new black front and rear mudguards to the same guy.)