bit of advice please guys swapping myZZR1400SE this Saturday and picking my...

bit of advice please guys...... swapping myZZR1400SE this Saturday and picking my new performance sport up, the trouble i'm having is with the insurance. Tried to swap it over and the insurance company wont??/ same bike etc?? so now ive got to wait until tomorrow because the broker cant get a quote? any of you had the same problem getting insurance for the performance sport?

ive got full no claims etc, so don't see a reason why this would happen?

  • My 2010 is group 23 of 24 websites...brill price as long as your bike has no...and I mean no...modifications from standard....luggage...including just a top box should be declared... I'd rather pay a bit more and know that they can't squirm out of paying when I write it off

  • Ithought they were group17.

  • Did your insurance company tell you that?

  • Dont know actually just came into my mind.

  • Times's a higher group than my zx10r was

  • MCE don't charge any extra for mods, I have loads and declared them all. I got a quote a few days ago for a brand new performance sport on go compare, fully comp, £188 with £650 excess. But I'm old, have never claimed and live in the middle of nowhere. I do however have 3 points on my licence. Fact is a new performance sport is 14 grand so the insurance is going to be a tad steep. :/

  • with the mce I have always enjoyed it.

    I use it for 10 years.

    £ 800 for two new bikes fully comp.

  • Franco,u seen lee,s post £188 PS,£800 for 2 new bikes i think is disgusting.

  • Ive just checked with my insurance,how much 2 change from my Gen i 2 PS, £186 extra untill my old policy runs out in about 7mths.