Bit of advice please fellow kdx people my bike runs sweet as a nut kicks over...

Bit of advice please fellow kdx people my bike runs sweet as a nut kicks over first kick cold or hot just lacking top end power you can feel power valve come in just not very aggressive plenty of bottom end power goes up any hill i point it at its just when riding on road power seems to drop off through the Rev range any advise would help its a 1990 thanks

  • When I got mine I checked the bar was moving in and out correctly.....only when I took the exhaust off did I see the valves were not opening because BOTH of them had snapped as they do. Only way to see if they work is by taking a proper look! A friend's KX125 was lacking a bit of top end punch.....only this time it had been assembled with the valves in the wrong position. 5 minute fix in that case and sorted :-)

  • Agree as above it there opening and closing. Correctly , everything will feel as it's not broken , but need to visually check clearance ... Opening and closing ...

  • Realize this is a KDX not a KTM, the beauty of this bike is it's gentle nature. If you want it to breathe fire throw some Boyesen reeds in it and an FMF pipe and silencer on it. I'd recommend the Gnarly Desert pipe for a little more throughout the range.

  • Vforce delta 3 reeds all the way

  • Would u sell it

  • There's a CDI on ebay with 3 power curve tunes that helped mine in a huge way! I matched it with a high voltage coil and it was a completely different bike. KDX performance was the name of the CDI

  • Put Boyesen reed's in my 86 200 big difference. Old one's were warped.

  • Thanks to all think I'm going to take exhaust off check power valve and go the boyesen route for what they cost cheaper than I thought

  • I got the CDI and the coil for bout $120, I would seriously consider it if I were you! The reeds will help and a boy boysen power valve cover will help but the CDI and coil to me was my absolute best investment for a performance upgrade.

  • Thanks Larry will consider doing it