Bike OK going into first not able to lift lever up into higher gears Anyone...

Bike OK going into first, not able to lift lever up into higher gears. Anyone had probs with selectors? Wonder if something simple like a spring on selector...

  • If you're trying to change up to second without the rear wheel turning it won't work.

  • Sadly this is with engine and bike rolling along, nuetral to first, clutch in lever registers as you pass neutral, but won't go up into higher gears?

  • you havent had the gear lever off have you? Poor adjustment will do that.

  • Did a while back, but had been fine, it doesn't foul the engine if you mean that.

  • Hope it isn't gear selector forx :-(

  • So do I :-(

  • Checked engine oil for sparkly bits?

    What's changed recently, start all of a sudden, after you worked on it, mid ride? Need all the info or we could just guess wildly both good options.

  • This morning, as randomly as it started two days ago, it has now just as quickly gone away? I think something must have just got 'hooked up' in the gear selectors, I will keep an eye on it, may be a winter 'lets have a look job' thanks for all the suggestions and help though chaps...