Biggn is getting naked I dont know why my phone likes to change the picture to...

Biggn is getting naked. I dont know why my phone likes to change the picture to this color on its own. I took the tank off. Key points for that. Take off your seat. Take out the one bolt at the back of the tank. That is the only bolt. Take off the left side cover. And undo all 4 wire plugs. There are two vent lines near the back and one fuel line by the left side cover. Take them off. Thats it. Pop the tank off of its hold downs in the front.

I do not know what the small reservoir near the foot brake is. I also found out the my bike had an oil bath breather. Dont think it is supposed to be that way.

  • Brake Fluid res by the brake pedal.

  • While you got biggn torn apart, do a Google search for marbling v2k. It will get rid of any pop on deceleration and make it run better overall. It eliminates the epa garbage. You are gonna love this bike

  • FYI, not all models have 2 vent lines. I think only the Cali ones do....

  • And it's not "side cover".. that's where the fuses are.. it's the coil cover...

  • If a lot of oil in air cleaner, either too much oil was used on K & N type air filter or possibly engine over serviced with engine oil. When I put too much engine in bike, excess oil.was blown out air cleaner.

  • Yea.. I think every single V2K owner has done that at least once :)

  • Yep

  • You got it. Too much oil

  • Thank you for the info. I learn as I go. I would not have done this if i didn't have to clean the tank. I just dont know how i am going to get the B Bs out of the tank.

  • David Ahrens , it's really easy to take the fuel pump off/out of the tank. I've done is several times. Once off, you can dump the bb's out.

  • If there is to much "filter oil" in the K&N filter, you will know it cause it will "choke" the engine.. (I know from experience...)

  • I want that windshield (logo and all) but they don't fit the nacelle :(

  • That was what i was thinking as well. I am going to pull the spark plugs out next and prelube the cylinders. I am sure that they are dry.

  • I want one that will block wind from my hands. Then it will be "on" for winter riding next year.

  • Dude. You have a kick ass ride.

  • thanks.. I'm constantly tearing it apart and rebuilding it.. I always seem to want to change it somehow

  • B bs did a good job

  • That was clean diesel fuel

  • What was those in the tank for?

  • To roll around and take the rust off.