Biggn is coming home tomorrow I need to change fluids on her I am going to...

"Biggn" is coming home tomorrow. I need to change fluids on her. I am going to pump out the old gas. Put in a fuel system cleaner and octane boost to start with new fuel. I need to change the oil. I understand that there are 3 drain plugs. Do you fill the oil from only one place after that? And what else should I check. "Biggn" has been sitting for a few years.

  • Unless you have a VERY accurate torque wrench, don't bother with the one on left side cover. If you do like I did you will strip it sure as daylight.

  • If you do take that one out, do like u normally would and stop when it's tight. If you have changed oil before, you will know when that is.

  • Please explain. Left side cover?

  • Yes the clutch the is super easy to strip. Finger tighten and then barely twist with a wrench. If it doesn't leak leave it alone.....

  • Use Rotella t6 diesel oil and a Purolator 14610 filter. Best combo for it

  • I don't know how old the antifreeze is, but if more than a couple of years, change it. Antifreeze does become corrosive. Follow your maintenance schedule if you got it.

  • I would change brake fluids as well. Check condition of clutch cable. They have a habit of snapping.

  • Clutch feels good. I checked it tje other day.

  • For a bike that sat that long, yeah 90+ octane fuel is good, I even use a dash of Seafoam in spring first tank. cleans up system. Echo the above on tires, went darkside with 205. And my clutch cable surprised me at sturgis last year, had to replace, so take a good look at that. Mine went after 50 K km... about 30 K miles. Worth the $30 pre-emptive change. Good luck in getting the gal back on the road!

  • Get some cable lube lube all the cables

  • It is home and clean now.

  • Man that beast is looking sharp. So just curious what did u pay

  • Very nice bro, make her breathe again!

  • All I'm going to say is that I can sell my 1991 Suzuki and get all the money back I paid for this

  • That's awesome you definitely got blessed its been my favorite bike. Yours is just like money just different color sceem