Biggn had a great day


Biggn had a great day.

1. The coolant is a beautiful green. I don't have to do anything there.

2. The spark plugs are changed. That was fun. 60 dollars in tools, that I didn't use, to end up using a box end wrench and a three quarter socket on top of the plug socket. But they are in.

3. Oil has been drained. No I did not strip the threads by the shifter. But however. This explained why so much oil has come out the breather. I drained out over 8. I said over 8 quarts of oil. Oh yes. Big mess in my driveway. Filter change was no problem. Used a Bosch filter. 3300 or 3323.

4. Best of all. While the spark plugs were out, I put Biggnin gear. And rocked back and forth. The motor is not locked. Wahoooooo!!!!

Bring on the fuel pump yall and I am going to straddle Biggn and ride away!!!

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  • That's awesome man, I can tell biggn has a proud owner finally.