Beware of this stealership. Decorah Kawasaki

Beware of this stealership: Decorah Kawasaki

This stealership sold me a new bike with a cracked radiator, stripped screws and missing luggage locks and then Kawasaki corporate didn't care until I caught them in a lie after finding out the original stealership made a profit off a few "warranty claims" they made on my bike but never did the work.

Also the people working there will make threats like "the owner has friends downtown that will make your life miserable" when you don't do what they want. And when their mechanic messed up when processing my credit card he blew up my phone over a 3 day weekend saying he was taking me to collections over $200. By the way, the collections threat was made after zero business days and before I was even able to get to my phone which was out of service areas that weekend.


  • Thanks for the feedback. You may want to put that feedback in Google Maps, which would appear when someone looks for their location.

    We have also member Neil Reilly who is thinking of going there. It would be good to also get his feedback.

    In addition, if the dealership would like to add anything on this group, they are welcome to. In any case, all feedback is good feedback, as it will allow parties to improve their services.

  • More proof of threats:

  • It's not slander if it's the truth.

  • Oh, and I did not "wreck" the bike, I got into an accident when I was driven off the road by an oncoming car driving in my lane.

  • Where is this dealership? Country? State?

  • Decorah, Iowa

  • Go to Edwards full throttle motorsports in council bluffs Iowa, much better service and also where I purchase all of my bikes