Beside Shane v2k. How many customs v2k s we have in here

Beside Shane v2k. How many customs v2k's we have in here?

  • Hmm, off the top of my head, dogg has 3 v2k (2 are hot rodded), James has one (freaking love the skulls), big sarge has one.... I guess it really depends on how you define custom. When is yours being delivered?

  • Should be here Tuesday or Wednesday. Guy leaving to go get it Sunday or Monday. Reason I asked is you don't see a lot on web. I want to build something close to the orange one.

  • I love

  • Thorkel has one , Bare Carr has one :-)

  • Nice work Hayhow!

  • some guy on vulcanforums has two badass customs

  • I love skulls too!