Before Modify of Sport fairings

Before , Modify of Sport fairings

  • hello... it is "protected"... it says unavailable :)

  • Quiet running ... with no chain. :)

  • 555. Before...!! - After!!

  • No manufacturing. Order to made only!''

  • But we can't see the picture... You have to make it public

  • really cool!

  • Thank you so much!!!

    Marco Molteni

  • I'm Public on my post.

  • Just perfect!!!

  • Proportions not right. But if you like it ;)

  • what is this front wheel?

  • Very nice!

  • you're not here

  • I prefer the look of this particular bike with the half-fairing mounted.

  • I think it's the front tire... It's chunkier than the rear one... Everything else is fine... ;)

  • I'm with Jack, on this one. A fatter rear wheel/tire would right the balance. (Harley got that right with their "48.")

  • I think it's the best conversion I've seen!

  • I'd like to see more snaps, from various angles, with the half-fairing in place! Maybe some details of the fairing's mounting bracketry? Very cool bike!

  • Your ride your choice.

    I think it looks great.HTR .