Been tripolar lately want my v2k then i want to stop riding then i want a...


Been tripolar lately, want my v2k, then i want to stop riding, then i want a stratoliner and thats where im at right now, love the looks, has everything i want already just need to get a test ride in and see how it fits my 6-5 frame

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  • BECAREFUL! Some of the strats have major transmission issues!

  • oh dude dont tell me that,lol. Jeezus i just want a bike big enough, with power up the wazoo, some hardbags, and a fairing, availibke parts had to cross m109 off the list from trans issues, now the yamaha too?

  • I to have same issue as you and thought same thing till I discovered of trans issues. Better to keep V2K and make it fit!

  • Just add a few inches to the seat and extend the floorboards.

  • add a few inches to seat?

  • what does that do?

  • AJ what is the problem you are having with fitting on the v2k are you not able to stretch out enough or is it the floorboards that Cramp you up. maybe some Jardine forwards or an adjustable floorboard is all you need.

  • The fitment is as a 6-5 in guy can expect, basically the strat is,already set up hiw i want it, just neef footpegs, my bike the dbag still hasnt finished my saddlebag, i need crash bars and footpegs, no option for a fairing excrpt corbin and not dropping $1800 on a fairing fir a 12 year old bike, and I like stratoliners

  • the ergos feel better or different juet sitting on stratoliner, gonna test ride to get a better feel for it vs v2k

  • Who makes adjustable forward controls for the v2k?

  • Floor board mounted hiway pegs are available And a Harley fairing will fit without too much cutting which then opens the way for stereo

  • AJ Anderson spring is coming Mich. is still cold relax. What is the guys problem with the bags?

  • Well no return calls or emails so pretty much counting those as a loss because i didnt do my fue dilligence and have a paperwork, all the paoerwork related to those bags he has. If i keep the vulcan gonna just buy some tsuksyu black gloss strongs and call it a day

  • on another note the stratoliner transmission issue is a thing.... but also came across a vulcan2000 issue, i guess around 40000 miles it burms a quart of oil wvery 1000 miles, anyone herr about that?

  • Breath brother relax hang in there

  • Art Wilton if i had the tools and fabrications skills id do it in a heart beat, love your bike, but i dont and no way im psying for a corbin

  • Very rare for that to happen. Regular oil and filter changes and don't lug the engine( too low rpms at idle or too high a gear for the speed of travel).Let the beast sing a bit and they will last a long long time

  • yeah,lol

  • Tsyaku makes a fairing that fits. Any fairing that fits a Harley road king will fit the big headlight. Only fabrication is the mounts at that point

  • Keep in mind that all v twins will burn oil when you ride high rpms for extended periods. Mine sucked up a quart in 500 miles when I was playing in the mountains in third gear near the rev limiter. Sure was fun though

  • The Strat issue seems to be certain model years. The VN2000 and any bike for that matter will start burning oil when abused. I too have had the itch to swap: Stratoliner, Raider, Cross Country, Indian Springfield, (reminds me of my old Nomad), and the new Milwaukee 8. However, I have taken long rides with my bike to test ride, and long rides back just to have that compare and contrast going. The Indians feel cramped when riding and tons of heat from the rear jug, so that was out. Loved the lines of the Victory and the storage, but it felt anemic twisting the throttle. The Hardly M8 really had me going, Street Glide looked great, loved the suspension and brakes, but I felt like a bear on a tricycle, and that pricetag Wow. The Strat has been in my eye the longest, great ride, decent power, and love that front headlight. The small fuel tank was an issue, main one. Other issues were sitting position on long rides, air cooled isn't the best in southern climates, and basic maintenance isn't as easy as in any Kawasaki. Living in Michigan I might have made another choice given that the VN2000 needed Euro Gears to have a more usable touring bike, a thinner/taller front wheel to make it parking lot friendly, and unless you go Darkside, a new rear tire every year.

  • I bet Jim Renda has a set of bags for you at a good price a fairing is nice, but if you want it for a radio then use a iPod or sat. For now until things work out

  • Im gonna get my bags back or get the jumbo strongs,thinking things out your logic is valid

  • Hey AJ Anderson have you thought about the triumph rocket 111 touring

  • So i thought hard about the strat last night and today, and my vulcan brothers sold me on keeping the bike, you guys rock no matter what those ne'er do well stratoliner guys on their cool art deco style bikes say,lol

  • Comical

  • I am 6foot 1. 300 pounds. The V2K is the best fitting bike for me.