Been out trying my new 2015 Teyrx. Never owned a side by side or a Kawasaki


Been out trying my new 2015 Teyrx. Never owned a side by side or a Kawasaki.

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  • Where the gas tank vent comes out of the top of the tank, kawasaki has it ran into a hole in the frame, pull it out of the frame and connect a longer 1/4 inch hose to it and put a small in line fuel filter on the end of it. I ran mine up the back of the passenger seat but you can run it up the cage or anywhere you want as long as you get it up high enough to keep it out of the water and mud. With it in the frame the way they have it, as soon as you get in a little deep water or mud or even while washing it the tank will suck in dirt and water and it will plug up your fuel filter in the tank, it does this very quickly too.

  • Ok cool thanks for the info Joseph Clinton Burgess.

  • There is a one way valve in the hose right after it comes out of the tank, leave that valve in there the way it is and just extend the hose as I said. There are a few videos on YouTube you could watch if you wanted. It's real easy to fix but a pain the the butt if you don't do it.

  • Love it!!! had a Rhino before and it broke down all the time..

  • Have the same exact model and love it.only thing,at around 50-55 mph it bogs there some kind of speed limiter on them ?

  • Yea mark it's a speed limiter. I read about it

  • Thanks Brian. Congratulations on your new t2, you'll love it.taking mine to lazy springs in Fla this weekend !!!

  • If you can get 55 out of it you're doing good, mine shuts off at exactly 50.

  • Mine too/\/\

  • Yea mine shuts off at 50