Been out for a nice little blast this morning


Been out for a nice little blast this morning.

Does anyone else with a gen 1 get a handlebar vibration???

If so is there any easy fix??

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  • As far as I'm aware the bars are standard as are the end weights. Don't get me wrong it's not bad just after a good few mile I get pins and needles more so in my right hand. I don't recall it on my previous bikes.

  • I have exactly the same Dave. Never had on any other bike either. Intrigued if any others can shed some light on how to prevent this.

  • It's strange Max Gilbert I thought it might be my old front tyre as it had had a hard life by the look of it but it's exactly the same I have also rebuilt the forks with new oil and still is the same.

  • Strange I don't have this issue!

  • Check type wear mine had continentals on the wear pattern made it vibrate at slow speed

  • I get that at one very specific rev and speed combination, but it is quite a narrow band so not a problem. I used to have it to a much larger degree on my old V Twin, so I guess it doesn't bother me.

  • Looking at your photo you have standard bars and ends

  • Another red one

  • Nice to see a few red ones about I know it's a bit taboo but I've heard they are faster. Lol

  • I got carpol tunnel syndrome so my throttle hand is always frikin numb, operation due soon