Beautiful day to take my baby out again


Beautiful day to take my baby out again ♡♡

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  • Hey I've rode that bike =) well.. I stole it.. a few times lol

  • cant go wrong with a zx12 :)

  • 6 more days to go before its legal to ride up here in Quebec... Cant wait!

  • It's illegal to ride right now?!?!?! Wtf lol

  • I have friends that ride when it's snowing out lol

  • yea, Welcome to Quebec, where they charge you 1300$ license to have the right to ride a super sport for 5-6 months , where insurance are rdy to fist you and where cops haras you like you re a Hitler's minion... We have maple syrop tho...

  • Lmao time to move

  • Im one of the french canadien who sounds like a tard when speaking english... Where could i go? And what about maple syrop...

  • I always ride in armour, helmets, gloves and boots.

  • Love the 636's

  • Where you at Kayla

  • Oakland. Headed to Mt washington =)

  • USA has maple syrup lol

  • Here's my love

  • Love black