• Beautiful day in PA don t you think

    Beautiful day in PA don't you think?

    • How's the other side the bike look

    • Pretty much like this side only without the exhaust :-p

    • Since this bike is property of Cody, does that mean i get to ride it? :D

    • Exempt the bike had 100 miles on it and he dumped it and smashed the left side fairing, I was asking if he got that side fixed

    • Cory it looks really good. Chris helped me fix it! And sure I'd love to out a video up later

    • Hey Cody. Where you located? I'm also in PA, Lebanon area.

    • Around Pittsburgh

    • Damn, That's 4 hours.

    • Sorry buddy! You have a nice bike tho!

    • Thanks man. Yours as well. Very nice.