Bare need your expert advise which air cleaner do you think best have good...


Bare need your expert advise..which air cleaner do you think best..have good one on old rogue and need to open up on new one

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  • Whoops cobras 109hp

  • I like Thunder Mfg very precision quality

  • Bare..Don't suppose you got one for sale and also a pc3 ..I read that you have removed a few

  • Sorry all sold

  • Bummer


  • Bare, you may wanna consider a donation link via paypal... Awful popular, but knowledge is more beneficial. I want to thank you for always checking in with responses to folks' questions. Very cool.

  • Thunder. Good for knee room as well. :)

  • Two rogues together..not something you see very often

  • Kelvin Yates i have a PC III usb I would see.

  • Mate got tired of being dwarfed so he sold his Shadow and got the VN. :)

  • Good choice bet he lot happier..have mate here had harleys for last 15yrs got his last written off by car u turning now gone rogue to ..admits much better bike for half the price