Bare Carr one place here fills car tires with Nitrogen gas for smoother ride...


Bare place here fills car tires with Nitrogen gas for smoother ride, apparently reacts better with bumps, how about my bike tires ?

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  • James never tried it, costly here

  • Try it and let us know

  • Report with a good review james.

  • In my opinion it's crap snake oil

    They tell you the nitrogen molecules are larger and don't escape as bad. Truth of the matter is the can't get all the normal atmosphere air out so that's it's a true 100% nitrogen fill. Further more our atmosphere is 75+% nitrogen already. So your going to pay the to take the air in your tire from 78% nitrogen to maybe 90%. And the sales pitch is the Oxygen escapes, the by refilling your tire s normally and allowing the Oxygen to escape you will be slowly doing what they are charging you for.

    Then what do you do on the road when you discover you need air? Drive around on low tire until you find a vendor who has the nitro fill equipment. Or use the first available air and settle with a 78% nitrogen blend..

    My logic says dont believe the hype.

  • The reason for putting in Nitrogen is, it is an inert gas and does not react...your tire pressure will not go up and down with temperature.

  • Will check it out, very cheap here $2.5 a tire so worth a try....let you know !