Bar risers jj works not any on ebay any other places I could go Cheers for...


Bar risers, jj works not any on ebay, any other places I could go. Cheers for info guys n gals

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  • J J Machine Works thats the company

  • Try this guy ,might still have some.

  • Does an inch really make that

    Much difference? Hardly seems worth the trouble.

  • It's a little over an inch.

    Some feel it makes a big difference, others don't. Each to their own.

  • Are the cables, pipes and wiring long enough?

  • Yup,

  • cheers for info guys, will check them out..

  • My risers took them up and inch and a quarter. Big difference for me

  • I have to say I found that they made a difference to me when I put them on..