Bandits are back in stock about to pull the trigger tonight or tomorrow


Bandits are back in stock about to pull the trigger tonight or tomorrow. Anyone have any bad experience with them or are they worth the money? Thanks for the input

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  • Just bought them can't wait!

  • Ouch! That price tag is a hard pill to swallow haha

    Hope you love them Michael

  • You won't regret that 1k spent!

  • Hopefully I will be lucky n able to find me some good used ones like my friend did. Lol

  • I can't understand how any shocks could out perform the fox podium shocks that come stock on the teryx's, $1100 and no lift with it?

  • If u have ever ridden a teryx, you would understand. My friend has some bandits and it completely changes the ride

  • I have a 2014 teryx 4 I love the ride it has now. I run 29.5 outlaws. Not sure if the mud tires matter or not

  • The fox Podium shocks that come stock on it are awful. They ride like a 1974 Jeep. Find someone local with Bandits are go for a ride... you'll be impressed.

  • Have you ridden in any other sxs?

  • Yea rzrs rangers commanders a bunch of them

  • The Bandits will give you a plusher ride similar too an rzr. Not quite as plush but they definitely absorb like a shock is supposed to.

  • What type of riding are y'all doing. Cause mine perform great in the mud. That's pretty much all we do is mud ride

  • Hands down best money spent on my teryx was bandits. No comparison to the fox junk

  • Fox Podium shocks suck

  • I was ready to sell my Teryx and decided to try the bandit shocks. With the bandits on the Teryx it rides like the machine should ride. The stock shocks are beyond horrible compared to the bandits. Ted and bandit is very helpful. I enjoy the Teryx so much now with the bandits. They are adjustable enough to get pretty much any kind of ride out of them that you want. I was getting beat to death with the stock shocks. Now I can't hardly feel the ground. We ride on all types of terrain. Hard pan. Rocky hard pan and some mud. I know it's hard to compare how good the ride can be without experiencing it for yourself. It took me months of reading about the bandits before I decided to get them but like I said I was ready to get rid of my new Teryx because I was getting bounced all over the place. Not only do the bandits make the ride crazy good but they also gave the Teryx so much better traction because the wheels are on the ground instead of bouncing like a pogo stick. If you're tired of getting beat up and bounced all over the place get yourself some bandits. I couldn't be happier. I'd buy them again right now!

  • Hey Mark Chambers I have a few questions about install if ya got a min. I'm working on it now

  • Michael. I'm sorry I just saw your post. I would've been glad to help.

  • I was just wondering where you have your bandits adjusted for riding. I left my stock how they came and it made a world of improvement.

  • If you talk to Steve at SBracing who does Bandits service. He will tell you that no matter how many clicks you have on each damping adjuster, the maximum soft (Number of clicks left of full right) adjustment is 15. I have about 1/2 inch of preload on the back and about 1 1/4 on the front. I run 8 clicks left if I have a full load in the Teryx. If I have 2 or 3 people then I go 10 or more. Ted recommends about an inch higher ground clearance in the front. You really can adjust Bandits to your own riding preference. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Mark. That's awesome.