Badges logos and decisions Here we go then hope you can all remember where we...

Badges, logos and decisions. Here we go then, hope you can all remember where we were with this one. Please feel free to re-post the important bits, in fact I'll make start...... Anybody know how to start a poll? Don't suppose a show of the 'like' thumbs up would do it? Well here's £20 from me as well. If it works please inbox me your pledge and your vote and and we'll have them all in the one place. I'll do a quick sheet and post the results In fact I'll just pay for the badges as we order them and 'weigh in' with you all whenever..... Corse there's always Paypal ;-) Here we go...

Dave Williamson:- Can we have a new thread on this Pat, I have nearly worn out the scroll button on me mouse, maybe a poll added to it? We also need some sponsors to get going, as I said, I'll chuck £20 in to get going as have 3 others so far, we need around £204 for the first 100 badges.

  • Yea give a couple days will draw a zzr1100 in pencil. Not a problem.

  • We can sort out a Paypal collectin after I've placed an order Paul and thanks very much :-)

  • I'll donate once I've got me bike back together.

  • Not a worry Ian R Woodbridge

  • Cheers

  • ill donate aswell

  • Cheers Paul

  • I'll donate

  • Can you all see the 'question asked' and do we all know how to use the facility?

  • I'll donate also