Bad news rear tyre is shot possibly due to some over enthusiastic riding in...

Bad news: rear tyre is shot, possibly due to some over enthusiastic riding in the warm weather. Budget not looking too good thanks to my daughter turning 18 next week ! Good news: Have a car mechanic and bike rider next door to where I work, says he can fit tyre but can`t balance it, apparently you don't need to balance bike wheels ?? Looking at a Battlax T30 evo,(from internet), any advice warmly appreciated.

  • Take the lose wheel else where for a Balence

  • What front tyre are you matching the T30 to?

  • All tyres need be balanced mire so on a bike or will get acceleration of wear and vibrations through bars etc .

  • Another Battlax, not sure of type, will be changed as soon as funds allow.

  • Never balanced any of my tyres, which i always fit myself :)

  • You get away with not balancing rears. modern tyres you're balancing the wheel itself most of the time