Bad news oil leak somewhere


Bad news oil leak somewhere

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  • No idea Dave bought it 1yr ago and not too much info from previous owner. Just hit 40k on mileage.

  • While it's in bits it's probably worth doing top end, shims, plugs and renew gaskets. Also this little gem at the front that at 40k will be well on its way out if not done.

  • Item 11060.

  • I can't find it, which diagram is it on?

  • If you're looking for 11060-1369, you'll find it on the fiche marked "cylinder head" Roland

  • Not on the oil cooler where you'd expect it...

  • No, looks like an afterthought bodge.

  • Still can't see it.

  • I see it now, different part number on the C.

  • Seems to be coming from these bolts. Not all got oily gunge round them. Sry not very good at tech speak

  • Good, was confusing me as well but that's not hard to do.

  • I wasn't even 100% sure what pipe it was on, I thought it was one of the oil cooler pipes, not the one that runs down the side of the head and barrels.

  • For a couple of quid and a few minutes to replace it. It's not a case of if but when it will go and wreck the engine.

  • Looks like a top end gasket kit is in order and check breathers are not blocked pressurising the engine.

  • Don't worry about it, hardly pissing out is it? Could be the rubber seals under those bolts, or maybe they're just loose?

  • Replace that 11060-1369 though, it's a known weak point and a new one is only £4.