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Yaay, my bike's a teenager, no show bike, but I love her!

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  • My Ariana is totally stock and a proper girl, my Zephyr is totally a ripped oil stained jeans and t-shirt kinda guy. Lol

  • My no-nickname W is a cyborg-like friend-brother, clad in automotive paint and electroplating. Devoid of any emotion, it only comes alive via human-machine symbiosis (i.e. when I'm on it). And yeah, that means I'm 'alive' too when I'm piloting it... ;)

    (*Aaand yeah, my W is more of a dude than a dudette...)

  • My w is rough around the edges but still engoy riding it.

  • Mark, any W is a 'show bike' right from the factory, in my opinion! :D