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  • Once when I was gassing up in Colorado I put in a full tank of fuel in a VW Jetta because the fuel pump didn't shut off, so it filled my gas tank all the way. I was already mad enough about that when I went inside to pay. When I came outside it was barfing gasoline out of the filler neck for a good 10 minutes and I probably lost another extra gallon of gas. It was 102F up on the ground and they must have been storing the gasoline underground in a freezer :)

  • I don't believe the 'fact' about a return line exists at the pump. Also if you pump fuel into a certified measuring container and it's found that the pump is ripping you off, the state attorney general will have the secretary of agriculture show up and complain to the gas station and monitor their pumps.

  • you if you fill you tank to the point the return like can suck fuel out of the tank, youre going to have bigger problems than getting ripped off at the pump.

  • in a car at least

  • I found the specific gravity part interesting

  • Great info, but being taught how to suck eggs. With the lorry I just fill. With the W I fill up slowly and withdraw nozzle as level increases. No problem ;-)